Stainless Steel Equipment (USED)

S/S single bowl sink with ice bin(B15)S/S fish cutting sink(B13)S/S single bowl sink(B11)S/S single bowl sink with ice bin table(B12)S/S single bowl sink (B10)S/S single bowl sink table with undershelf(B7)S/S table with hole(B6)S/S landing table(B5)S/S landing table with undershelf(B4)S/S landing table with dish rack(B3)S/S landing table with dish rack(B2)S/S landing table (B1)S/S table with cabinet(A31)S/S dunnage rack (A30)S/S work table with undershelf(A29)S/S wall shelf (A28)S/S half shelf(A27)S/S tubular shelf(A26)S/S dunnage rack(A25)S/S dunnage rack(A24)S/S dunnage rack(A23)S/S dunnage rack(A22)S/S dunnage rack(A21)S/S cabinet(A20)S/S cabinet with hole(A19)S/S single sink(A18)S/S landing table(A17)S/S cabinet (A15)S/S double bowl sink table(A16)S/S cabinet(A14)S/S hot well table with food pan(A13)S/S 4 tier rack(A12)S/S table with undershelf(A11)S/S fish cutting sink(A9)S/S cabinet(A10)S/S fish cutting sink(A8)S/S fish cutting sink(A7)S/S single bowl sink table with drawer(Right side)(A4)S/S Landing sink table with scrap hole (A1)S/S Landing sink table with scrap hole (A2)S/S bain marie cabinet with 1 hole(B16)S/S table with undershelf(B17)S/S cabinet(B19)S/S trolley table(B21)S/S ice bin(B22)S/S hand sink(B23)S/S single bowl sink table(B24)S/S wall shelf(B25)S/S foodpan table with undershelf(B27)S/S foodpan table with undershelf(B28)S/S ice bin table with cabinet(B29)S/S table(B30)S/S table with 2 tier undershelf(C1)S/S table with scrap hole(C3)S/S table with 2 tier and hole(C6)S/S double bowl sink(C7)S/S 2Tier over shelf(C13)S/S foodpan table(C14)S/S foodpan table9C15)S/S cabinet(C16)S/S cabinet (C17)S/S pot rack only(C18)S/S pot rack only(C19)S/S bain marie cabinet with 1 hole(C20)S/S food pan table with cabinet(C21)S/S cabinet with ice bin(C22)S/S cabinet (C23)S/S cabinet(C24)S/S pot hanger(C26)S/S pot hanger(27)S/S work table Undershelf(C28)S/S wall shelf (C30)S/S wall shelf (C32)S/S wall shelf (C33)S/S 4 open burner table with undershelf (D1)S/S table with 2 tier and hole(D2)S/S work table(D3)S/S 2 open burner table(D4)S/S table(D5)S/S work table(D6)S/S foodpan table with undershelf(D7)S/S triple bowl sink (D9)S/S double bowl sink (D10)S/S foodpan table with 1 tier(D11)S/S double bowl sink table (D12)S/S cabinet with bain marie and hole(D14)S/S table (D15)S/S foodpan table (D16)S/S cabinet with ice bin hole (D17)S/S cabinet with warmer (D 18)S/S table (D19)S/S tble (D20)S/S trolley(D21)S/S pot rack only (D22)S/S ice bin (D26)S/S table with 2 hole (D27)S/S table with dish rack (D28)S/S ice bin (D29)S/S oven table (D30)S/S wall shelf (D31)S/S ice bin (D32)S/S cabinet (D33)S/S ice bin (D34)S/S half shelf (D35)S/S landing sink table with scrap hole (D36)S/S bain marie table with1 hole (E1)S/S table (E2)S/S single bowl sink with ice bin(E4)S/S removable tank(E5)S/S mobile casing (E6)S/S cabinet with ice bin(E7)S/S glass hanger(E8)S/S glass hanger(E9)S/S wall shelf (E10)S/S head shelf (E11)S/S single bowl sink(E12)S/S hand sink counter (E13)S/S half shelf (E14)S/S table (E15)S/S holding cabinet (E16)S/S hand sink counter (E17)S/S single bowl sink table(E18)S/S bain marie table with 1 hole(E20)S/S bain marie cabinet with 1 hole(E22)S/S cabinet(E23)S/S single bowl sink with ice bin (E24)S/S half shelf (E25)S/S hand sink(E27)S/S double bowl sink(E28)S/S cabinet with foodpan hole(E29)S/S bain marie (E30)S/S cabinet with foodpan (E31)S/S bain marie with cabinet(E32)S/S disk shelf(E33)S/S ice bin table(E34)S/S cabinet with table (F1)S/S half shelf (F3)S/S dunnage rack(F4)S/S dunnage rack(F5)S/S wall shelf (F6)S/S landing table(F7)S/S mobile casing(F8)S/S soup boiler (F9)S/S table with cabinet(F10)S/S 2 tier half shelf (F12)S/S wall shelf(F13)S/S wall shelf (F14)S/S wall shelf (F15)S/S bain marie cabinet with foodpan(F16)S/S bain marie cabinet with drawer (F17)S/S single bowl sink (F18)S/S 3 rang soup kwali (F19)S/S tim sum steamer (F20)S/S table (F21)S/Smobile casing (F 22)S/S single bowl sink with cabinet(F23)S/S plate dispenser trolley (F24)S/S plate dispenser trolley (F25)S/S 2 tank removable (F26)S/S half shelf (F27)S/S half shelf(F28)S/S single bowl sink(F29)S/S table (F30)S/S table with foodpan (F31)S/S table with undershelf (F33)S/S cabinet with half shelf (G1)S/S trolley cabinet (F2)S/S table with scrap hole(G3)S/S work table cabinet trolley (G4)S/S pasta boiler ( G5)S/S rice warmer (G6)S/S half shelf (G7)S/S half shelf (G8)S/S cabinet (G9)S/S tubular (G11)S/S cabinet with tier (G12)S/S gas steamer trolley(G13)S/S cabinet (G14)S/S bain marie sp rice warmer(G15)S/Sice bin (G16)S/S soup boiler table with undershelf (G19)S/S fish steamer (G20)S/S table (G21)S/S cabinet with drawer & trolley (G22)S/S Grease trap system(G23)S/S cleaning dish table (G24)S/S single bowl sink (G25)S/Stable with 2 tier undershelf (G26)S/S food pan table undershelf (G 27)S/S table (G28)S/S table (G29)S/S mobile dish rack (G30)S/S trolley cabinet (G31)S/S kwali (G32)S/S warmer tank (G33)S/S mobile casing (G34)S/S mop sink cabinet (G35)S/S half shelf (G36)S/S ice bin (H3)S/S ice bin ( H4)S/S ice bin (H6) (NEW)S/S ice bin (H7)S/S dish shelf island (H9)S/S ice bin (H10)S/S ice bin (H12)S/S ice bin(H13)S/S ice bin(H14)S/S bain marie (H15)S/S dish shelf island (H16)S/S single bowl sink table (H17)S/S double bowl sink (H18)S/S dunnage rack (H19)S/S dumpling station with cabinet (I1)single bowl sink (I2)S/S ice bin (I3)S/S 4 tier rack(I4)S/S landing sink table with scrap hole(I5)S/Ssteamer trolley (I6)S/S removable tank(I7)S/S proforted trolley (I8)S/S mobile warmer (I9)S/S table trolley(I10)S/S work table with cabinet (I11)S/S triple bowl sink (I12)S/S bain marie cabinet with noddle boiler (I13)S/S half shelf (I14)